Wedding Tip: Trust Your Photographers

As seasoned wedding photographers we know how important your wedding day is for you – it’s a huge milestone in your relationship and such an exciting time in your life… it’s a big deal! This is why it’s so important to choose a wedding photographer that you can trust and lean on not only on your wedding day but throughout the wedding planning process. There are three main areas where couples tend to lose trust, so let’s talk about it!

One of the biggest areas that couples need to put their trust in is the wedding timeline. Most professional photographers have been to a ton of weddings and have run into nearly every scenario possible and those who have been doing it long enough can probably spit out a wedding day timeline moments after learning your ceremony time. Though a timeline can be put together quickly it’s not a reflection of the years spent figuring out what works best for couples on their wedding day. Timelines are typically broken up by the photo type and while some may be less important to you than others, the timeframe is chosen for a reason and that reason is we don’t want you to fall behind schedule or feel rushed. One of the biggest pieces of advice you’ll hear from everyone and anyone is that your wedding day does by fast and it does which is why a professional photographer will strive to make sure your photos don’t feel rushed regardless of the timeframe and that is where the trust comes in. While photographers will always follow your direction because it’s your day and you deserve to get married the way you please, we all do make strong recommendations that are based on our years in the industry because we want to make sure you have the best day ever. We understand if getting ready photos or family photos may be of less importance to you, but we cannot cut back on the allotted time to add it somewhere else without the sense of the day feeling rushed or falling behind schedule. We also set these timeframes so that you are getting the most out of your investment – we want you to LOVE your entire gallery and all of the photos that come with it. 

Another big area for trust is editing. All seasoned, professional photographers have developed an editing style that works for them and is a reflection of their personal brand – their craft that they have spent YEARS perfecting. We urge that all couples do their due diligence when looking for a photographer and see what editing style they prefer. If you like light and airy photos then a photographer with a warmer portfolio won’t be the best fit for you – photographers are not keen on changing their editing style so find someone who aligns perfectly with how you envision your wedding photos to look! If you love the editing style of a photographer then trust that your photos will be edited to look the same as the galleries they sent as samples. 

The final area that requires your trust is posing. Experienced photographers know exactly how to position you during your photos so that you don’t feel awkward or stiff. At Heartfelt Studio our goal is to combine authenticity with intention so that you are comfortable and posed with intention, but are getting the natural candid feel that you desire. We often are told by people that they’re “awkward” or “don’t know what to do” in photos, but we’ll take care of that and will have you feeling like models. We promise you won’t wonder for a second where should you put your hands for a photo. 

At Heartfelt Studio we know what we’re doing – you can put your full trust in us. 

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Wedding Tip: Trust Your Photographers

November 15, 2022

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