Heartfelt Studio

Heartfelt Studio is the embodiment of how Di see the world of documenting weddings. He genuinely feels the joyful excitement that each wedding brings and  humbled by each wedding couple's positive feedback to do better. Once a freelance photographer for other wedding studios, Di dreamed of one day running a studio of his own so he could provide a more quality and personalized experience for every couple coming his way. Originally a one person team hauling albums through the concrete jungle of Manhattan for client meetings, Di took a once in a life time chance and opened Heartfelt Studio in 2016. His passion now has a home and with a bit of people luck your Heartfelt Studio team was born!

We don't want to miss a second of your wedding day which is why we have a small, but dedicated crew of photographers and videographers who are incredibly talented and passionate about their craft. All of our wedding packages include a team of two full-time photographers and/or two full-time videographers so that we can guarantee full coverage of your special day. You can always count on us to provide you with guidance before and during your wedding! 

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